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"I started using Digsy AI last month... it was like turning on a light in a dark room. The daily follow up reminders make broker omission errors a thing of the past. I've had a successful business for 30 years, and I can see an even brighter future partnering with Digsy AI."

David Perlmutter
David Perlmutter
President & Founder
Perlmutter Properties

"Digsy AI has been a game changer for me. The intuitive platform makes it easy to prioritize my daily sales, networking and keeps my prospecting consistent. I recommend it to all my associates."

Derek Newton
Derek Newton
Broker Associate

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One tool. Everything you need. Always within reach.

Boost your client pipeline by 20% whether you're on the go or at your office. Digsy AI's Smart CRM includes a built-in dialer, email, analytics, and data entry automation that works on your desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Contact ManagementContact Management
Email Marketing
Call DialerCall Dialer
Data Entry AutomationData Entry Automation
Team CollaborationSales Team Collaboration
Property TrackingProperty Tracking
Performance MetricsPerformance Metrics

Cutting-Edge Contact Management

Digsy AI keeps your large database neatly organized and displays your contacts through every step of the funnel. Store information, attachments, properties, and activities under one roof. Never fall behind on your follow-ups.

Commercial Real Estate CRM
Automated Data Entry for CRE CRM

Data Entry Automation

Data entry is a past memory. Digsy AI eliminates up to 95% of the busy work to help you focus on building relationships with your contacts. No more copying and pasting emails, or forgetting to log notes and contacts into your CRM.

Cold Calling Software for CRE

Cold Calling Made Painless

Double the amount of calls with less effort. Our built-in cold calling software can auto-dial using your existing mobile or landline. Digsy AI automatically logs your phone activity, stores your notes, and dispositions the outcome, so you can quickly move on to the next call.

Real-Time Sales Performance Tracking

Always improve as a broker. Digsy AI presents accurate data to track your progress over time. Reverse engineer how many calls you need to make to close more deals and start recreating the steps that brought you success.

Broker Sales Performance Metrics

Built-in Property Tracking

Not your ordinary CRE property system. Link owners, tenants, propsects, and leads to commercial real estate properties. No more toggling between your property database and your old customer relationship management system (CRM).

Commercial Real Estate Property Tracking